Factory Tour

Experience the power of tungsten carbide and witness the precision of our manufacturing process - Take a guided factory tour. A Journey is waiting for you to see how we produce intricate carbide products from raw material to finished products.

Factory Tour Videos

We are in the process of making some better videos, yet we don’t want to wait to show you something fresh and real though our videos are not that good, thank you for your understanding.

Play Video about zz old craftsman factory tour
Factory Tour
Play Video about blanks production line
Blanks Production Line
Play Video about Machining workshop
Machining Work Shop
Play Video about Product testing
Production Inspection
Play Video about shipment and packing
Shipment and Packing
Play Video about blanks production line
Design Office and Technique Training
Play Video about office

Welcome to visit us and let's meet in person

Hi, I am Jeyne, you are very welcome to visit us, and let us plan a time to meet in person.
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