Tungsten Carbide Button

Tungsten carbide button is also known as carbide buttons, carbide button bits, cemented carbide buttons, tungsten carbide button bits. Our Tungsten Carbide Button provides optimal strength and precision for use in industries like mining, drilling, or construction. Crafted with high-quality tungsten carbide to ensure exceptional durability and protection from wear and tear – this top-of-the-line solution supplies long-lasting performance that buyers around the globe can rely on. The main application of tungsten carbide buttons are mining, drilling, exploring, rotary digging, coal and so on.

I. Introduction to tungsten carbide button

Tungsten carbide buttons, which are cylindrical components of small size, are extensively used in the mining, construction, and oil drilling sectors due to their exceptional durability and wear-resistance. These buttons are generally employed as cutting elements on drill bits, also known as carbide button bits, and are used in various drilling applications, including the penetration of rock, soil, and other tough materials. The buttons made of tungsten carbide offer superior hardness and wear resistance to the bit, whereas the metallic binder assists in holding the buttons together and maintaining their structural integrity.

The importance of tungsten carbide buttons and carbide button bits in the mining, construction, and oil drilling industries cannot be overstated, for several reasons.

To begin with, these sectors frequently involve drilling through hard and abrasive materials like rock and soil, which can shortly deteriorate conventional drill bits. Tungsten carbide buttons provide superior wear resistance and hardness to the drill bits, making them highly effective in such harsh operating conditions.

Secondly, tungsten carbide buttons exhibit remarkable toughness, allowing them to endure high levels of impact and shock during drilling operations. This makes them highly dependable and long-lasting, reducing the need for frequent bit replacements and increasing productivity.

Lastly, tungsten carbide buttons are highly resistant to corrosion and chemical degradation, which ensures the longevity and reliability of the drill bits in harsh and corrosive environments.

II. Grades of the tungsten carbide button

Grade Density TRS Hardness Performance   & application recommended
g/cm3 MPa HRA
YG4C 15.1 1800 90 Mainly used as small buttons for percussion bits to cut soft and medium hard formations.
YG6 14.95 1900 90.5 For coring crowns, electric coal drill bits, coal cutting picks, oil cone bits and scraping knife bits, used in the fields of geological prospecting, coal mining and oil well boring.
YG8 14.8 2200 89.5 For coring crowns, electric coal drill bits, coal cutting picks, oil cone bits and scraping knife bits, used in geological prospecting, coal mining, oil-well boring and snow clearing.
YK05 14.95 2500 90.5 Mostly used as the buttons of small and medium sized percussion bits and as the inserts of rotary prospecting bits to cut soft and medium hard formations.
YG8C 14.8 2400 88.5
YK15 14.6 2450 87.6 Suitable to strips, conical buttons for rotary percussion-resistant, geological   prospection buttons, cut soft and medium hard formations.
YK20 14.4 2500 86.8 Primarily for the buttons and inserts of rotary percussion bits to cut medium-hard and hard formations.
YK25 14.4 2550 87.2 Primarily for the buttons and inserts of rotary percussion bits to cut medium-hard and very hard formations.
YG11C 14.4 2700 86.5 Largely for the inserts and buttons of percussion bits and tricone bits to cut   medium-hard, hard, and very hard formations.
YG13C 14.2 2850 86 Primarily for the buttons of tricone bits and inserts of rotary percussion bits to cut hard and very hard formations.
YG15C 14 3000 85.5 For oil cone drill bits, for medium soft and medium-hard rocks.

*Can adjust the grade according to client onsite using requirement.

III. Production process of  tungsten carbide button

IV. Advantages of zz old craftsman Tungsten Carbide Button

  1. Our company is able to produce any sizes or styles available on customer’s requests, with high quality as a guarantee.
  2. Products’ quality can be checked and traced through every process, and it is available to provide relevant testing reports.
  3. With integrated mature process including production, researching, designing and sales process, our company aims to eliminate intermediaries, thus providing customers with the most ideal prices.


Q: Are customized products your company strong points?

A: Yes. We have 2 CNC machining centers for semi-machining, and the engineer has more than 20 years experience in this field.

Q: What is your MOQ?

A: It depends on the exact products.

Q: Can you design the products according to our detailed usage?

A: Yes. Our engineers have rich onsite experience.

Q: If we have special requirement on the carbide grade, can you do it?

A: Yes, we can. We have 1L, 10L powder ball mill tank for doing experiments.

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