VSI Crusher: Unlocking Its Efficiency and Mastering Precise Maintenance Techniques



When it comes to the buildings, mines, and electronic manufacturing industries in our daily lives, one important piece of equipment that cannot be ignored is the VSI crusher. As commonly used crushing equipment, the VSI crusher is widely used in the production of various building materials, mineral products, electronic components, and more.

In the field of construction, the VSI crusher can crush materials such as concrete, bricks, sand, glass, steel, and cement into the required size. In the mining industry, the VSI crusher can crush ore into the required size to produce various metals and mineral products. In the electronic component manufacturing industry, the VSI crusher is used to process various semiconductor materials, including silicon, germanium, gallium, and more. It can be said that the VSI crusher is an indispensable part of the production process in many industries.

VSI Crusher

The VSI crusher, also called the Vertical Shaft impact Crusher, is a surprisingly efficient, energy-saving, and environmentally pleasant crushing equipment. It makes use of the centrifugal force generated through a excessive-speed rotating rotor to throw materials into a set crushing chamber, thereby crushing materials into the favored size.

The improvement of the VSI crusher can be traced again to the past due 1950s whilst individuals began gaining knowledge of a crushing device that would crush rocks into the preferred size. Via continuous research and improvement, the VSI crusher progressively matured and gained sizeable use. With non-stop exercise and technological innovation, the overall performance and scope of software of the VSI crusher had been continuously progressed, making it one of the top crushers in current crushing device.

Structure of VSI Crusher

The VSI crusher consists of several components, including the feed hopper, distribution plate, rotor, guard plate, crushing chamber, and discharge port. Among them, the rotor is the core part of the entire crusher. The rotor typically consists of a main shaft, hammerhead, and supporting shaft, and can crush materials at high speed. The hammerhead can generate high-speed impact and shear force when crushing materials, thereby crushing the materials to the desired size. Meanwhile, the rotor speed and the number and shape of hammerheads on the rotor also affect the crushing effect.

During the crushing process, the rotor is a crucial structure. Its high-speed rotation causes materials to experience multiple forces, such as shear and impact, in the crushing chamber, thereby crushing the materials to the desired size. The design and manufacturing accuracy of the rotor are directly related to the crushing efficiency and service life of the entire crusher. Therefore, the technological level of rotor manufacturing and the quality of materials are important factors determining the crushing effect of the VSI crusher

Pros and cons of VSI Crusher

The VSI crusher has many benefits, the maximum large of that is the potential to weigh down stone into various particle sizes to satisfy exceptional desires in numerous fields. In addition, it has numerous different benefits:

First of all, the crushing efficiency of the VSI crusher is very high, and it is able to process a massive amount of raw materials in a brief time period. Secondly, due to its superior crushing ability, the particle size of the crushed material is greater uniform than different crushers, and it may produce better nice finished products. Additionally, considering the fact that its operation is noticeably easy and calls for minimal exertions and resources, it has a clear benefit in price savings.

But, the VSI crusher also has a few negative aspects. First of all, its manufacturing cost is noticeably excessive, making it more steeply-priced than different crushers. Moreover, it has poor adaptability to raw materials. If the raw material is simply too rigid, effective crushing becomes hard. Ultimately, it calls for common substitute of vulnerable components along with blades, ensuing in excessive replacement costs.

How to extend the durability of VSI Crusher

Regular Suggestion

The durability of VSI crushers is intricately linked to their maintenance and upkeep. Foremost, it is imperative to regularly cleanse the VSI crusher. During operation, minute particles and debris have the potential to infiltrate the internal components, and if not promptly eradicated, they can detrimentally affect the crusher’s performance. Hence, it becomes necessary to periodically clean and inspect the impact crusher, eliminate internal debris and particles, and particularly sanitize the rotor and hammerhead to guarantee the crusher consistently operates in optimal condition.

Additionally, it is crucial to prioritize lubrication and maintenance for the crusher. The proper functioning of its components and the mitigation of wear and friction during operation hinge upon the presence of lubricating oil. Consequently, it is imperative to intermittently substitute the lubricating oil and grease, carefully selecting appropriate lubricants to ensure the crusher can sustain stable operation over an extended period.

Lastly, regular maintenance and thorough examination of the crusher are of utmost importance. During operation, external environmental factors and materials can lead to wear, breakage, looseness, and other issues in various components of the crusher. Neglecting these concerns in a timely manner can adversely impact the crusher’s longevity. Therefore, periodic maintenance, overhaul, and timely replacement of damaged components are essential to ensure the crusher consistently functions under normal working conditions.

In conclusion, by diligently performing cleaning, lubrication, maintenance, and overhaul procedures on the VSI crusher, the lifespan of its rotor and hammerhead can be prolonged. This, in turn, guarantees the crusher operates normally, enhances production efficiency, and brings about economic benefits. Furthermore, the utilization of innovative hammerhead designs can significantly enhance the performance of VSI crushers. Currently, we have developed a distinctive VSI crusher hammerhead tailored to meet customer requirements. For detailed information, please follow the provided link:https://www.zzcraftsman.com/product/vsi-crusher-spare-parts/

Core Suggestion

The hammerhead is a crucial spare part for impact crushers. The wear resistance is a decisive factor affecting the service life of the hammerhead, and improving its performance is the key to expanding the sales of VSI crushers. From the above information, we can conclude that finding a good method to improve the wear resistance of the hammerhead is crucial.

The main function of the hammerhead in sand making machines is to crush small stones of 30-45mm into sand. In this scenario, it needs to have good wear resistance and impact resistance. Hard alloy has the main performance of high hardness and good wear resistance, making it the best choice for making hammerheads.

One of the main products of hammerheads in the market is shown on the left. Some are high-frequency welded, and some are glued. Due to the low bonding strength, the performance is not ideal. The product on the right is what it looks like after use.

finished hammerhead
VSI Crusher rotor
hammerhead after using
Rotor after operation

So how do we solve this problem? If we apply cemented carbide to the entire component, the production cost would be very high and the economic benefits would be low. How can we combine the component and cemented carbide? Vacuum brazing is a better solution.

Vacuum brazing has very high welding strength, which can easily solve the problem of cemented carbide falling off during use. Developing appropriate alloy grades to improve the performance of the sand making machine is another thing our company does. By selecting the appropriate grades, we have achieved a balance between the wear of the hammer head and the crushing impact performance. The third thing we do is to redesign the appearance of the hammerhead and braze the cemented carbide in all areas prone to wear.

I cannot disclose the final design of our company’s hammerhead product at the moment. If you are interested in this or if you have better ideas and solutions, please feel free to call us. We can discuss and learn from each other.


VSI crushers have found extensive application across various industries, including construction, road building, quarrying, and coal mining. Their presence has been instrumental in driving the growth and advancement of these sectors. As technology continues to evolve and market dynamics undergo changes, the future prospects of the VSI crusher market remain promising, with sustained and rapid growth anticipated.

In line with these developments, our company, ZZ Old Craftsman, specializes in the meticulous design and production of VSI crusher hammerheads. Our unwavering dedication lies in delivering superior solutions to our esteemed customers. We strive to assist them in extending the service life of their VSI crushers while concurrently reducing costs associated with downtime and maintenance. Our overarching goal is to create exceptional value for our clients, always prioritizing their satisfaction.

Should you have any specific requirements or inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are fully committed to providing you with unparalleled service and support, ensuring that your needs are met comprehensively. It would be our utmost pleasure to serve you and contribute to your success.

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