What Main Factors Affect Carbide Brazing Product Using Life

1. Carbide grade selection and quality control:
1) The carbide grade we currently used is finally determined through constant adjustments based, which can well meet the on-site use. We can also choose different alloy grades according to the wear conditions of different positions to balance the wear of each position.
2) Our alloy raw materials are all purchased from brand suppliers, and we conduct a comprehensive analysis of each batch of raw materials, and use MES and ERP to control the production process to ensure that each batch of products can be traced.
2. Treatment of brazing internal stress:
Frankly speaking, the brazing of cemented carbide and steel is very easy, but how to deal with the internal brazing stress is a worldwide problem. In the past 8 years, we have done a lot of experiments and cooperated with Chinese colleges in research and development, including the material of cemented carbide, brazing process, brazing structure and heat treatment process, which are several comprehensive factors that affect the internal stress.
3. Brazing strength
If the brazing strength is not strong enough, will cause the alloy to fall off, which directly affects the service life of the wear plates and the replacement time of the entire conveyor transfer system.

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