Application of Tungsten Carbide Brazing in Mining Crushing



The reason why tungsten carbide is called the tooth of the industry is mainly because of its wear resistance, corrosion resistance, excellent strength, and hardness.

First, carbide has excellent wear resistance, which makes it an ideal choice for many wear-resistant parts. In applications such as mining, crushing, and mixing, tungsten carbide exhibits excellent anti-wear properties, greatly extending the

Secondly, the corrosion resistance of carbide allows it to perform well in harsh environments. Traditional materials may corrode in working environments with high pH or high humidity, while carbide can maintain stable performance and ensure long-term stable operation of equipment.

Best of all, the strength and stiffness exceed many traditional materials. Advanced vacuum brazing technology is used to ensure the dense structure of tungsten carbide and improve its overall strength. This not only enhances the durability of the product but also expands the application scope of tungsten carbide in various industrial fields.

The introduction of the vacuum brazing process marks huge progress in the field of material joining, and its forward-looking performance is reflected in many aspects.

First, using a vacuum environment minimizes the presence of gases and impurities during the brazing process. This purified environment can ensure the quality of welded joints, reduce the probability of defects and pores, and improve the strength and reliability of connections.

Secondly, the vacuum brazing process has significant processing capabilities for special alloy materials. Through vacuum brazing, oxidation, carbon, nitrogen and other reactions in high-temperature environments can be effectively avoided to ensure the stability of material properties at the weld. This is particularly critical for the

In addition, vacuum brazing has unique advantages in joining complex structures and precision components. Since the brazing process takes place in a vacuum environment, the temperature and brazing parameters can be controlled more precisely, thereby avoiding the effects of thermal stress and deformation on the workpiece.

In general, the foresight of the vacuum brazing process lies in introducing more efficient, more precise, and more reliable brazing methods into the field of material connection. Promote continuous innovation in industrial

Through the research on carbide vacuum brazing, ZZ Old Craftsman has produced qualified carbide chute liners, refractory brick molds, mixer blades, crusher hammers, wear-resistant plates, etc. in large quantities. The introduction of these products not only significantly extends the service life of equipment, and reduces downtime, but also significantly reduces maintenance costs. Therefore, the production efficiency is improved and the production cost is reduced.

These changes reflect the actual value of the carbide vacuum brazing process in mining, crushing, mixing, and other fields. It solves the wear resistance problem of traditional materials in harsh working environments for customers and achieves economic benefits and sustainable production advantages.

Moreover, using carbide instead of traditional materials is more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

1. Resource efficiency: The preparation process of tungsten carbide is more energy-efficient than some traditional materials, reducing energy consumption. In addition, tungsten carbide generally has a longer

2. Greening the production process: The carbide vacuum brazing process uses a precisely controlled environment, reducing the emission of harmful gases and waste. Compared with some traditional production processes, this environmentally friendly manufacturing method helps reduce the environmental burden of production.

3. Recycling: The tungsten carbide material itself has a high recycling value. At the end of their service life, tungsten carbide products can be recycled and reused, reducing the need for new raw materials and helping to build a circular economy model.

Comply with environmental standards: Carbide products generally comply with environmental regulations and standards, using a range of environmentally friendly manufacturing materials and processes. This allows customers to not only enjoy advanced material properties when purchasing tungsten carbide products but also meet the needs of environmental protection and sustainable development.

ZZ Old Craftsman is also particularly good at helping customers customize and help customers solve practical application problems from the perspective of use. We can more than double the service life through the product structure of this table; we can greatly increase the service life by changing the grade of tungsten carbide products; we can also greatly improve the impact resistance of the product by adjusting the brazing process! For example, for the following product, we adjusted the alloy grade of the product by analyzing the damage to the customer’s product, and the service life was greatly improved.


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