Wear Liners

Project country: Brazil Date: 2020.10 Application: transfer chute hopper Project detail: its carbide brazed wear plates used in transfer chute hopper Material used: 18mm thickness 30mm*30mm carbide tiles vacuum brazed on the steel plates, different shapes.

Liners for refractory brick mold

Project country: Russia Date: 2022.08 Application: Refractory brick mold Project detail: The brazed liners used as wear resistant parts for the refractory brick mold, reducing abrasion, improving working efficiency Material used: Tungsten carbide tiles vacuum brazed on steel backing plates

Carbide brazed nozzles

Project country: Italy Date: 2021.12 Application: Solder ball laser jetting equipment Project detail: The carbide brazed nozzle is for solder ball laser jetting equipment operation and use. Why choose Carbide as material: Carbide is wear-resistant and resistant to high temperature

ZZ OLD CRAFTSMAN Build the Environmentally Friendly Factory

After 8 years development, ZZ OLD CRAFTSMAN has its own factory, complete tungsten carbide blanks Production line and carbide brazing production line. Management is thinking how to make the factory reduce costs, and achieve continuous development? To build the environmentally friendly factory is a good choice. Due to the continued high temperature and drought this year, power supply …

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