Carbide Liner for Ceramic Tile Mold

Carbide liner for ceramic mold is also knows as alloy liners for ceramic tile mould, ceramic liner tiles, molds for ceramic tiles,  carbide liners. Our Carbide Liner is the perfect ally for ceramic tile mold protection. Built with high-quality materials, it provides superior resilience against wear and abrasion, which in turn extends your molds’ service life and minimizes downtime. Easy to install or customize according to specific needs, this product offers consistent production of top-notch tiles that stand up well over time.
At our company, we strive to go above and beyond for customer support. We take thorough precautions when examining our Carbide Liner in each step of the production process – with documentation available upon request. Our knowledgeable team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have or provide advice regarding how best to use the product so that it performs optimally.

I.Carbide Grade for Carbide Liner

Grade Nickel Content








Grain Size


YN6 6.0 14.82 92.0 2150 0.8
YN8 8.0 14.80 91.5 2200 0.8
YN10 10.0 14.60 90.5 2350 0.8
YN14 14.0 14.15 88.8 2300 1.0
YN20 20.0 14.10 88.5 2400 0.8
YN10S 10.0 14.65 92.0 2500 0.6

II. Size information for Carbide Liner







100-200 20/22/25 4/5
200-300 20/22/25/30 4/5
300-400 20/22/25/30 4/5
400-500 20/22/25/30 4/5
500-600 20/22/25 4/5
600-700 22/21/25 4/5

III. Advantages of old craftsman carbide liners for ceramic mold:

  1. Having been produced the non-magnetic carbide grade for more than 10 years, we possess the comprehensive knowledge on products.
  2. Communicate with client closely, knowing the detailed requirement from the onsite usage.
  3. Use special glue technique, and control tolerance strictly.
  4. Produce 100% based on customer design and drawing, easy for installation.

IV. Application of carbide liners for ceramic mold:

Using carbide with steel for the ceramic mold is a new development. The new model includes a frame, multiple female molds composed of multiple side plates are fixed on the inner wall of the frame, and the side plates composed of cemented carbide and a steel substrate supporting the cemented carbide are placed on the molding surface that is in contact with the ceramic floor and wall tiles. Or the pressure surface is fixed with cemented carbide. It solves the problems of low hardness and short service life of ceramic floor and wall tiles made of alloy steel or high-speed tool steel.


We are now mainly producing and exporting these liners to Asia, Europe. All are produced according to customer’s design. If you have any doubt on your design, welcome to contact us. We can give you professional suggestions.

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