Why Cemented Carbide is Suitable for Wear Resistance

Why Cemented Carbide is Suitable for Wear Resistance

Wear resistance and corrosion resistance are one of the outstanding properties of cemented carbide, and because of its strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance, cemented carbide is widely used in industry. In terms of composition, cemented carbide is mainly composed of one or more refractory carbides, such as tungsten carbide, titanium carbide and other powders, and metal powders such as cobalt and nickel are added as binders. Alloy materials manufactured by metallurgy. Carbide products used as wear-resistant parts include: nozzles, machine tool guides, valve parts, seals, etc.

1. Carbide nozzle

Carbide nozzles are made of precision machinery and cemented carbide materials. The bending resistance reaches 2300N/mm, and the hardness reaches HRA90 degrees. Advantages of carbide nozzles: Corrosion resistance, long service life, excellent performance, high cost performance, and not easy to wear. Carbide nozzles are widely used in surface treatment, sandblasting, painting, electronics, chemical process and other industries.

2. Carbide guide plate

Tungsten carbide guide plate is mainly made of cemented carbide as the basic material through grinding, slow wire walking, polishing and other processes. Carbide guide plates have extremely high requirements on surface flatness and roughness, and even arc chamfers have very strict tolerances. The hardness needs to reach above HRA91. Advantages of carbide guide plates: wear-resistant, long service life, high cost performance. It is widely used in centerless grinding, high-end machining centers, etc.

3. Carbide valve parts

Carbide valve parts are valve parts used for fluid control, specifically divided into: tungsten carbide throttle valve seat, tungsten carbide valve core, tungsten carbide needle valve seat, tungsten carbide ball valve seat, etc.

Carbide seat has the advantages of longer working time, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and can withstand high pressure.

Widely used in oil and natural gas system pumps, ore, mineral, agricultural, construction, and surface mining tools, drilling for oil and natural gas or horizontal directional drilling, mining and circulation processes in mining and processing. Fluid flow control under harsh conditions, the medium includes gas, water, oil, sand, wax, colloid, asphalt and other components, with high hardness and high wear resistance.

4. Carbide seals

Tungsten carbide seals are one of the basic mechanical components with precision and complex structure, and are key components of various pumps, reaction synthesis kettles, turbine compressor submersible motors and other equipment.

Carbide seal features:

– Have certain mechanical properties, mechanical shaft seals such as tensile strength, elongation, etc.;

– Appropriate elasticity and hardness, small compression set;

– High temperature and low temperature resistance, no decomposition and softening at high temperature, no hardening at low temperature;

– Compatible with the working medium, no swelling, decomposition, hardening, etc.;

– Good oxygen resistance and aging resistance, durable;

– Wear-resistant, does not corrode metal;

– Easy to form and process, low price.

Why choose Old Craftsman’s hard alloy wear-resistant products

1. The old craftsman has his own small-scale test equipment, and can prepare different brands of products to meet the needs of customers according to different requirements of customers.

2. The old craftsman has his own complete set of testing equipment, which can control the quality of the product from the powder, to ensure that every batch of products received by customers is qualified and the performance is stable

3. The old craftsman has his own unique brand formula, which can make the product achieve high wear resistance and high impact resistance

4. The old craftsman has multiple precision automatic processing equipments, which can well control the product tolerance, surface finish and shape tolerance.

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