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Brazed tips is also known as Carbide tips, tungsten carbide tips, carbide tips for lathe tools, brazed carbide tips. Our Brazed Tips are designed to meet the needs of professional buyers worldwide with their superior grade materials and performance. They provide exceptional durability, strength, and resistance to wear-and-tear in various industries such as metalworking, woodworking and mining for improved productivity. The tips’ easy installation allows them to be replaced quickly when needed without sacrificing precision or quality – perfect for upgrading worn out tools or equipment reliably. Investing in our product will ensure peace of mind knowing it exceeds expectations every time!
Our devotion to providing customers with the utmost service and support is unparalleled. Don’t wait any longer – reach out today for more information about our Brazed Tips! Experience first-hand how we can make a difference in your life.

I. Introduction to carbide brazed tips

Brazed tips, which are also referred to as tungsten carbide brazed tips, are minute work pieces comprised of tungsten carbide and metallic binder. These tips have extensive employment in many industrial utilities which demand high durability and resistance to wear.

The formation of brazed tips involves the brazing of a small piece of tungsten carbide to a steel substrate, giving rise to a cutting apparatus that fuses the hardness and resistance to wear of tungsten carbide with the toughness and flexibility of steel. This makes brazed tips an unparalleled choice for circumstances that require the cutting, drilling, or milling of durable materials such as cast iron, steel, and non-ferrous metals.

The compact size of brazed tips facilitates their integration into a wide array of cutting tools, comprising but not limited to saw blades, drill bits, and milling cutters. This versatility endows brazed tips with indispensability as a component of numerous manufacturing and machining processes.

On the whole, brazed tips are imperative in the realm of industrial manufacturing owing to their incomparable blend of toughness, resistance to wear, and versatility. They provide an exceedingly effective solution for the cutting and drilling of formidable materials, promoting the efficient production of top-tier products.

II. Grades of the brazed tips

Grade ISO Code Density Hardness T.R.S Applications  recommended
g/cm3 HRA MPa
YG3 K05 15.1 92 1400 Suitable for finishing of cast iron and nonferrous metal.
YG6X K10 14.95 91.5 1800 The semi-finishing & finishing of cast iron and nonferrous metals and also for the   machining of manganese steel and hardening steel.
YG6 K15 14.95 90.5 1900 Suitable for the roughening of cast iron and light alloys and also for the milling of cast  iron and low-alloy steel.
YG8 K20 14.8 89.5 2200
YW1 M10 13.1 91.6 1600 Suitable for the semi-finishing and finishing of stainless steel and conventional alloy steel.
YW2 M20 13 90.6 1800 The grade can be used for the semi-finishing of stainless steel and low-alloy steel and it is mainly used for the machining of railway wheel hubs.
YT15 P10 11.4 91.5 1600 Suitable for the semi-finishing and finishing for steel and cast steel with a moderate feed rate and rather high cutting speed.
YT14 P20 11.6 90.8 1700 Suitable for the semi-finishing and finishing of steel and cast steel.
YT5 P30 12.9 90.5 2200 Suitable for the machining of heavy cutting to steel and cast steel, which can be operated with a big feed rate at a medium and low speed under unfavorable working conditions.

III.Size information for brazed tips

IV. Advantages of zz old craftsman Brazed Tips

  1. Products have a high hardness and toughness, strong impact resistance, and are difficult to wear during machining, thus avoiding the risk of chipping tools.
  2. Our brazed tips boast reliable quality as they are inspected rigorously. Moreover, if asked, we can provide detailed reports of test results related to products.
  3. They come in a variety of grades and models, and could be customized if requested by the customer.
  4. We integrated researching, designing, production and sales process to a whole, which allows us to eliminate intermediaries, thus providing customers with the most ideal prices.


Q: Are customized products your company strong points?

A: Yes. We have 2 CNC machining centers for semi-machining, and the engineer has more than 20 years experience in this field.

Q: What is your MOQ?

A: It depends on the exact products.

Q: Can you design the products according to our detailed usage?

A: Yes. Our engineers have rich onsite experience.

Q: If we have special requirement on the carbide grade, can you do it?

A: Yes, we can. We have 1L, 10L powder ball mill tank for doing experiments.

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