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Introducing our tungsten carbide wire drawing dies!  Tungsten carbide drawing dies is also known as drawing dies, wire drawing die, wire die, carbide drawing dies. These drawing dies offer a variety of benefits that make them an first-rate preference in your wire drawing applications. Our products are relatively long lasting, resulting in decrease alternative fees and better productiveness. Moreover, our wire drawing dies produce constant and particular results, ensuring superb end goods. And they have versatile designs, able to drawing an extensive range of substances, from smooth metals like copper and aluminum to excessive-power substances like steel and titanium. Ultimately, our tungsten carbide wire drawing dies are quoted with factory sale, cost-effective. Contact us and customize a product that meets your particular requirements.

I.Carbide Grade for Wire Drawing Dies

Grade Density(g/cm3) Hardness(HRA) TRS(MPa) Applications   recommended
YG6X 14.95 91.5 1800 For drawing steel and nonferrous wires or bars of less than ¢6.00mm under not so much stress.
YG6 14.95 90.5 1900 For drawing steel and nonferrous alloy bars of less than ¢20.00mm under more stress and also for drawing tubes of less than ¢10.00mm.
YG8 14.8 89.5 2200 For drawing steel and nonferrous bars and tubes, also for manufacturing mechanical parts, tools and wear parts.
YG10 14.5 88.5 2400
YG15 14 87 2800 For drawing steel bars and tubes with a high reduction rate and for manufacturing anvils, drilling and punching and impacting.

*Can produce the drawing dies according to client’s grade requirement.

II.Size information for Carbide Drawing Dies

Types  I.D range Types  I.D range Types  I.D range
D12*8 φ1.0-φ1.8 D40*25 φ1.0-φ21 D95*32 φ2.0-φ46
D13*10 φ1.0-φ2.6 D45*27 φ1.0-φ23 D100*33 φ2.0-φ51
D15*10 φ1.0-φ3.8 D50*27 φ1.0-φ26 D110*33 φ2.0-φ56
D16*13 φ1.0-φ3.6 D55*28 φ1.0-φ28 D120*33 φ2.0-φ60
D20*14 φ1.0-φ5.7 D60*30 φ1.0-φ30 D130*33 φ2.0-φ66
D20*17 φ1.4-φ6.0 D65*30 φ1.0-φ33 D140*33 φ2.0-φ70
D22*18 φ1.5-φ7.0 D75*30 φ1.0-φ38 D150*33 φ2.0-φ76
D25*18 φ3.0-φ9.0 D80*32 φ1.0-φ41 D160*33 φ2.0-φ80
D30*22 φ7.7-φ11.0 D85*32 φ1.0-φ43 D170*33 φ2.0-φ86
D35*25 φ6.7-φ18.3 D90*32 φ1.0-φ46 D180*33 φ2.0-φ90

*Customized sizes are accepted.

III.Advantages of old craftsman wire drawing dies:

  1. Good wear resistance: Tungsten carbide possesses high wear resistance, which could guarantee long-term work of drawing within any drawn amount and ensure the size and precision of products.
  2. Excellent polishing: Carbide enjoys good polishing, and the die hole can be processed to the degree of mirror, thus ensuring high-quality of metal drawn surface.
  3. Small adhesion: In the drawing process, the drawing die keeps little adhesion with metal processed, thereby enhancing the durability of drawing die and making processed material acquire high-quality gloss finish for surface.
  4. Small friction coefficient: In the drawing process, smaller frictional resistance means less the power loss, thus enhancing overall efficiency.
  5. High coefficient of thermal conductivity: In the drawing process, the generated heat can be conducted away very well.
  6. Good corrosion resistance: This property is superior in the wet lubricated stretch, especially in the acidic lubricated stretch.

IV.Application of wire drawing dies:

  1. Steel wire and stainless steel wire
  2. Copper wire
  3. Alu wire and tungsten wire
  4. Various kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous metal wire


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