Carbide Cutter for Wood Turning

Carbide Cutter for Wood Turning is also known as carbide lathe tools, carbide woodturning tools, carbide tips for lathe tools, carbide cutter inserts. With superior performance and precision, Carbide Cutter for Wood Turning provides the perfect solution when tackling tough woodworking projects. As a trusted supplier of top-quality carbide materials, we offer different grades to ensure they’re matched specifically to your project needs – eliminating chipping or breakage risks along the way. Utilizing our expertise in this field will equip you with all necessary tools needed for successful woodturning results!

I.Product Introduction

The Carbide Cutter for wood turning is vastly applicable to carpentry. By Carbide cutters, carpenter can create delicate patterns and shapes in wooden decoration. Compared to traditional cutting tools, carbide cutters possess better physical properties such as high hardness and resilience, which can withstand high temperatures during the operation while preserve its cutting performance. We can offer round, square, radius and diamond-shaped carbide cutters for cutting different forms.

The Carbide Cutter in the picture is not a standard inserts we are talking about. When you see the picture carefully, you will find there is a groove at the sides, which makes the production more difficult. We’ve cost thousands of USD to design the mold, and the samples were only successful after several rounds of test and design. Also we tested several grades to choose the most proper one. After all the tests succeed, one year passed. But now it belongs to a standard woodworking inserts to our company. We produce and keep in stock according to customer yearly consumption.

II. Grade information

Grade Density Hardness HRA T.R.S MPa
YG6X 14.95 91.5 1800
YG6 14.95 90.5 1900
YG8 14.8 89.5 2200
YL10.2 14.5 91.5 3500
YG15X 14.0 88.5 2700

III. Advantages of ZZ Old Craftsman Carbide Cutters

  1. High efficiency. There are multiple dies and molds in our factory for producing specifically shaped carbide cutters, because of complete production line.
  2. Various grades and sizes. Carbide grade is changeable according to customer’s requirement, and customized designs are welcomed.
  3. Strict quality control. Our carbide cutters boast reliable quality as they are inspected rigorously. Moreover, if asked, we can provide detailed reports of test results related to products.
  4. Nice service. We provide all-round customer service from quote, production and delivery only for giving you cheerful experience of communication.
  5. Ideal price. We integrated researching, designing, production and sales process to a whole, which allows us to eliminate intermediaries, thus providing customers with the most attractive price.


Q: Are customized products your company strong points?

A: Yes. We have 2 CNC machining centers for semi-machining, and our professional engineer has been in this field for more than 20 years.

Q: What is your MOQ?

A: It depends on the exact products.

Q: Can you design the products according to our detailed usage?

A: Yes. Our engineer has rich onsite experience.

Q: If we have special requirement on the carbide grade, can you do it?

A: Yes. We have 1L, 10L powder ball mill tank for doing experiments.

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