Tungsten Carbide Valve Seat

Tungsten carbide valve seats is also known as tungsten carbide seat, tungsten carbide valve seat, tungsten carbide ball valve seats, customized carbide valve seats. They are a vital component for oil ball valves, playing an important role in controlling the flow of liquids like water and oil. Their strength makes them ideal to contain powerful working media including solvents, acids, alkalis and gases; making these specialized seals especially popular with those in the oil industry. Valve seats made with tungsten carbide offer superior performance to other materials in energy extraction and processing, such as oil, ore, minerals, agriculture and construction processes. Its high hardness and strength create excellent wear resistance while its impact toughness makes it ideal for drilling oil & gas or horizontal directional drilling applications. The use of valve ball-and-seat assemblies crafted from tungsten carbide improves lifting efficiency yields a longer service life than alternative solutions – ultimately reducing costs associated with the operation.

I. Product introduction

Carbide ball and seat are mainly used for the sealing of valves of oil pumps in the petroleum industry’s sand containing wells, viscous oil wells, sea oil wells and high-pressure sulfur-resistant oil wells, etc. Compatible high precision valve seats can also be made available. Because of the harsh working environment and conditions in the oil drilling industry, water, various gases, waxes, sand and other highly corrosive substances are usually contained in sand-bearing wells, heavy oil wells and high-pressure anti-dredging wells. Oil pumps need to extract oil from hundreds or even thousands of meters of formation, which requires the valve balls and seats to have good sealing, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

II.Grade for Tungsten Carbide Ball and Seat

Grade Density






YG6X 14.95 91.5 1800
YG8 14.80 89.5 2200
YG11 14.40 87.0 2500

III.Type and specifications

D 0.625(15.88) 0.750(19.05) 0.938(23.83) 1.125(28.58) 1.250(31.75)
H  +0.020/-0.010 0.500(12.70) 0.500(12.70) 0.500(12.70) 0.500(12.70) 0.500(12.70)
FZ   +0.000/-0.016 0.767(19.48) 0.892 (22.66) 1.111(28.22) 1.331(33.81) 1.421(36.09)
OD   +0.000/-0.005) 0.793(20.14) 0.918(23.32) 1.168(29.67) 1.388(35.26) 1.478(37.54)
ID    ±0.050(±1.27) 0.460(11.68) 0.550(13.97) 0.670(17.02) 0.825(20.96) 0.96(24.38)


  1. The units are inch(mm).
  2. S1 & S2 are non-standard, depending on the customer’s requirement to make a chamfer or fillet.

IV.Advantages of ZZ Old Craftsman Tungsten Carbide Valve Seat

  1. High in strength, wear resistance, precision, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and delicate for mirror finishing.
  2. The surface finish, tolerance class and tolerances of dimensions have respectively reached the standards of the machine industry: G5, G10, G16, G40 and G100 of JB/T 9145-1999.
  3. Precision-machined cemented carbide balls of other grades and specifications are also available based on customers’ demands.
  4. We integrated researching, designing, production and sales process as a whole, which allows us to eliminate intermediaries, thus providing customers with the most ideal prices.

All you need to know about the tungsten carbide valve seat

Tungsten carbide valve seats are a powerful sealing device, designed to support the full closed position of spool valves. They’re primarily used in oil industry applications because they can effectively seal working media such as water, solvents, acids and gas – making them highly reliable for various purposes.

The valve seat with cemented carbide as the main material has the performance of cemented carbide. The outstanding features of cemented carbide valve seats include: corrosion and wear resistance; long service life; high-pressure resistance; high dimensional accuracy; high bending rigidness and impact toughness, etc. The tungsten carbide valve seat has a smooth beveled surface and a good sealing effect.

What Are Tungsten Carbide Valve Seats Used For?

Valve seats are used in a variety of energy extraction and processing processes, such as ore, minerals, agriculture, construction, and surface mining tools, drilling for oil and gas or horizontal directional drilling, excavation and circulation processes in extraction and processing. Tungsten carbide as the primary material for these seats will reduce wear in the extraction and processing processes. Because it meets the properties of high temperature, high pressure, and wear resistance, and can be used under abrasive, corrosive and aggressive conditions, tungsten carbide valve seats are widely used in many fields such as drilling for oil and gas, surface mining and fluid control.

How Do Tungsten Carbide Valve seats Work?

Tungsten carbide valve seats are mostly used with tungsten carbide balls to form ball valves. Tungsten carbide ball valve is mainly used in pipelines to cut off, distribute or change the direction of media flow. Designed into other special structures, the ball valve can also achieve the function of flow regulation. The customized tungsten carbide valve ball and seat, with the properties of high precision after being processed, is mainly used in oil drilling, and deep-sea drilling pumping valve ball and seat, which is the key supporting part of the pump.

Why we choose Tungsten Carbide Valve Seats?

Sealed ball valves are mainly used in the extraction of oil. In the process of oil extraction and transportation, there are various forms of failure of pumping balls, including wear, corrosion, fatigue cracks, and chipped blocks. Ball valves made of traditional materials often require frequent maintenance or replacement and cannot accommodate long hours of operation, which in turn reduces efficiency and increases usage costs. The high hardness, high density, high strength and stable chemical properties of tungsten carbide as well as its good bending strength, and impact toughness make the use of tungsten carbide valve ball and seat in lifting oil drilling oil pump performance beyond other material options, excellent wear and corrosion resistance greatly improve drilling efficiency, extending the service life of tools and also reducing the cost of work.

In summary: Using tungsten carbide valve seats will reduce downtime for maintenance, operating and repairing cost, inventory costs, and transaction costs; increase part service life, efficiency, and overall safety.

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